Frequently asked questions about DCTYD

To see the answer to a particular question, please click the question. This section can be used as a reference before, during and after you place an order. Please use our "Contact Us" page if you have a question that is not answered within our "Frequently Asked Questions" section

When is my pickup day?
If you live in Georgetown, Henderson, Berwick, Richmond Hill or Pooler-Your pickup day is MONDAY.
If you live in Southbridge-Your pickup day is TUESDAY.
If you live in Dutch Island, Wilmington, Talahi, or Whitmarsh Island, Ardsley Park, or downtown-Your pickup day is WEDNESDAY.
*If your area of town is not listed, give us a call and we will make sure to add it!
How do I pay for my order?
You will be billed monthly. For your convenience, we accept MC and Visa. We will also be adding an option to pay online through our website.
What if I'm not home when you deliver my clothes?
That's ok. We have developed our technique of pickup & delivery so that it is perfect. We will always deliver your clothes during the evening. So we feel confident in knowing that if you're not home, we will simply hang your items on your front door. They will be waiting for you upon your arrival.
My front porch isn't covered...can I request for pickup and delivery from my back porch?
Absolutely! As long as we know where you'd like us to pickup and deliver your items-we will make sure that it is convenient and exactly what you'd like! Just let us know in advance your preference & we will notate that in our system.
I'm afraid that I will forget my pickup day!
No worries! We will send you an automated reminder call the night before your scheduled pickup day. When you answer that call-you can even hang your bag on your front door then. Just keep in mind that we start our routes by it's a good idea to have your bag packed and placed by your front door to set out as you leave for work.
Do you recycle hangers?
Yes!!!! But, please don't put them in your green bag. Hangers will poke holes in your garments. Simply place them beside your bag and one of our drivers will pick them up for you.
What if I want to change my starch level on my shirts?
Contact us to let us know of the change before your next pickup. We will be more than happy to change that in our system.
I spilled coffee on my blouse...what should I do?
Do not try and treat it yourself. Let us pick that up for you asap and work our magic! Please send us an email/message regarding the stain on the garment. When we know what type of stain we are working with...we know what to use to treat it. And, although we try our best to remove all stains...some will not come out.
I have a friend at the office that wants to start service, what should I do?
Please let us know when you are referring someone to DCTYD. You will receive $10.00 in free cleaning-our little way of saying, "Thanks!" for referring someone to us. But don't forget to have your friend mention your name so that we know who to send that thank you to!
I forgot to put my bag out on my scheduled day...what do I do?
We will pick your bag up for you the next day-when we are back in your neighborhood delivering. Just keep in mind, usually that means you won't receive your order until the following week. If you'd like it sooner...we can arrange for a special delivery for an additional fee. The same applies if you would like a pickup for any other reason, outside of your normal pickup day.

DCTYD dry cleaners is located in Savannah Georgia